Gate 4 - Product Explanation (Group 10)

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\'\'\'Gate 4-Product Explanation\'\'\' \'\'\'Purpose Introduction\'\'\'
Assemboly 1 group 10 12.png In this stage we reassemble our Bolens snow blower making a detailed list of derection for the reassembly of the snow blower. We then analyzed all the information we gathered to make detailed conclusions about the snow blower and various mechanisms which are part of its overall function. Based upon these conclusions we also devise recomended system level revisions to the snow blowers design to improve its overall functionality.

\'\'\'Gate 4 –Product Explanation\'\'\'

\'\'\'Product Archaeology:Stage\'\'\' \'\'\'Stage Description\'\'\' \'\'\'Link to Page\'\'\'
\'\'\'Project Management: Critical Project Review\'\'\'

Here we talk about how our group is going to address problems that arrise in this gate. For challenges that have been we describe how our group dealt with the problems.

\'\'\'Product Archaeology: Product Explanation\'\'\'

Here we provide a step by step process describing how our product was reassembled. Being extremely specific, this description includes the tools used and how they where used. We brefly describe challenges during reassembly in the introduction and throughout the steps utalizing our complexity scale and also outline those challenges and describe how they were overcome. Using our outline an individual not familiar with the product should be able to successfully reassemble our snow blower.


Here our group identifys three mechanisms that our device uses to generate specific motion, control system behavior, modify/condition energy, etc. For these mechanisms we identify their technical name, clearly state their purpose, document how the mechanism works, and provide equations which are required for the design of the mechanism.

\'\'\'Design Revisions\'\'\'

In this section we recomend 3 design changes for the product at the system level, this includes features we would change or eliminate. These changes address the global, societal, economic, or environmental concerns. These changes are ment to improve the performance, serviceability, and overall value of the snow blower, with the target audience and price kept in consideration.