Gate 2 - Product Dissection (Group 10)

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\'\'\'Gate 2\'\'\'

\'\'\'Gate 2\'\'\' \'\'\'Gate 2 Introduction\'\'\'
Part 9999 group 10.png The purpose of this gate is to begin the dissection of the Bolens Snow Blower. Following your plan from gate one, in this gate we dissect the snow blower, documenting each of the steps as we go. Prior to the dissection procedure and the supporting analysis we provide an assessment of your work and management plans.

\'\'\'Product Archaeology: Product Evaluation\'\'\'

\'\'\'Product Archaeology:Stage\'\'\' \'\'\'Stage Description\'\'\' \'\'\'Link to Page\'\'\'
\'\'\'Project Management: Preliminary Project Review\'\'\'

Here we provide an assessment of our work and management plans. We explain what steps of the dissection process went well and what didn\'t go as planned. Also we talk about unresolved challenges and how our group is planning to address these problems in future gates and group work.

\'\'\'Product Archaeology: Product Dissection\'\'\'

Here we provide a step by step process describing how our product was dissected, on the Product Dissection Instruction page. This includes the tools we used and how each part on the parts list page was removed and also includes challenges we faced during dissection process steps and a description of how they were overcome. Using our outline an individual not familiar with our product should be able to successfully disassemble the snow blower. Consider what information is required to achieve this, and how best to communicate this information. Each step also gives a Difficulty scale rating which can be explained on the Dissasemboly Difficult Scale page, which is meant to give someone whom is disassembling our product an idea of how complicated each step is going to be.

\'\'\'Product Archaeology: Subsystem Evaluations\'\'\' In this section we take the major subsystems of our Snow Blower and analyze them explaining the connection of each subsystems using, Gate 2 table 1. Also we explain some of the GSEE factors and Give a Functional model of our engines system connections.