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A full size Jeep Hurricane

The Power-Wheels Jeep Hurricane is a children's ride-on vehicle manufactured by Fisher Price. It is modeled after the Jeep Hurricane and in many ways replicates its visual aspects.

Product Management

Work Proposal

Write here, Josh

Management Proposal

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Product Archaeology

Development profile

Usage profile

Energy profile

Complexity profile

Material profile

User interaction profile

-The surfaces are fairly intuitive, aside from the radio which may require some adult assistance.

-The product has very few components to control for its operation, providing a simple or otherwise un-overwhelming experience for the young operators.

-As for maintenance, that can be determined by how well the vehicle is taken care of as well as the craftsmanship originally vested in the product.

  • maintenance could include tightening components every once in a while to cleaning and other minor tasks.

Product alternatives