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Product: Bissell PowerForce® Bagless Upright Vacuum 6579-2

\'\'\'Work Proposal:\'\'\'

\'\'\'1.\'\'\' Tool requirement for assembly and disassembly: 3/16”x4” + and - shape screw drivers are needed
\'\'\'2.\'\'\' Order: The numbers after parts number are the interval of the estimated time in minutes, (total 39 parts)
  • Remove all exterior attachments (part 36, 37, 38, and 39), 0:05
  • Remove upper handle and filter case (part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 19), 0:10
  • Separate brush body from drum body by removing 4 screws on the neck brush (part 27) ; remove top cover by brush, belt, and other component (part 20, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, and 35), 0:30
  • Remove drums and motors parts by removing 4 screws (part 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 23) 0:30
\'\'\'3.\'\'\'Estimated total time for dissection and documentation
Total two hours for disassemble (1:15), labeling (0:10), notes (0:20), and image/scratches (0:15)
\'\'\'4.\'\'\'Challenges:No other challenges predicted after the initial inspection of this product.

\'\'\'Table 1:Group abilities\'\'\'

Member Jobs Strengths Shortcomings Skills to Develop
\'\'\'Stiegler, Mark\'\'\' Editor,Presenter
Good at technical writing and presentation Procrastination Improve Public Speaking and proof-reading skills
\'\'\'Song, Buchun\'\'\' Project manager

Dissection and Assembly

Good at time management and analysis Procrastination
English is a second Language
Improve time management and critical thinking
\'\'\'Nagarajan, Saseepan\'\'\' Assistant Editor


Good at analysis

and searching informations

Poor writing

skills because english is second language


critical thinking and proof- reading skills

\'\'\'Kim, Sunwook\'\'\' 3D modeling
assistant presenter
Efficient with AutoCAD and Pro/E
good at presentation
Busy with work
English is second Language
Improve 3D modeling and public speaking
\'\'\'Kim, Chunki\'\'\' Dissection

& assembly assistant

Good at tools,

mechanism, and analysis

Poor writing skills.

English is second language.

Improve public

speaking Increase critical thinking skills Increase writing grammar skills.

\'\'\'Cabrera, Emmanuel\'\'\' Web Developer

Documentation Assistant
3D Model Assistant

Efficient with wiki

Efficient with Word,Excel,Power Point,AutoCad, Pro-E

Poor writing Skills

English is a second lenguage

Learn to develop the Wiki page

Improve proof-reading skills

\'\'\'Management Proposal\'\'\'

  • Editor gathers all works from each group member and revises before posting on the Wiki.
  • Editor assistant: checks more mistakes and missing parts.
  • Presenter: prepares oral presentation via Powerpoint and presents in the class.
  • Presentation assistant: helps presenter to prepare presentation.
  • Project manager: manages the project on the whole. The project manager leads the project the best way by managing schedules, communication of group member, and leaks.
  • Dissection & assembly leader: leads and gives direction to disassemble and reassemble the product.
  • Dissection & assembly assistant: helps the leader and checks method and orders.
  • Analyst: analyzes purpose and problems and tries to find best for the project.
  • Photographer: takes picture of the parts and classify to post on the Wiki.
  • Researcher: Searches information and checked citations.
  • 3D modeling leader: draws the parts via Auto CAD and Pro/E.
  • Wiki manager: posts and finalizes all works on the Wiki.
  • Documentation manager 1: works with photographer labels and documents the disassembling and assembling process.

Our group will meet every Saturday at 4 pm in Bell unless more than half of members are not available. That case, we will on Sunday. The meeting will generally take about one and a half hours but time is flexible. In every meeting, we will discuss about upcoming gate. We will also use gantt chart and Google calendar to manage schedules for better work. The gantt chart will help us to see our current progress and show us that we need to do now. The Google calendar will help us to manage time for group meeting and when we need to complete each task.

\'\'\'Conflict Resolution\'\'\'

Since our meeting will be every Saturday, conflict will be resolved at the meeting. If some group member misses group meeting repeatedly without excuse, we will try to resolve after the class first but nothing is changed, the member will be reported. If the project is delayed because of the member who submits own parts late few times, the member will be reported too.

\'\'\'Project Management Plan\'\'\'

Gantt Chart - Timeline that represents Group 12\'s reverse engineering project.

\'\'\'Development Profile:\'\'\'

\'\'\'Product Development Date\'\'\'
Developed in 2008, the Bissell PowerForce Bagless Vacuum Model 6579-2 was intended to be a standard vacuum for the mid-ranged income household. However, it has since been discontinued and is no longer being manufactured or sold by Bissell.

\'\'\'Key Economic and Global Concerns\'\'\'

Several economic and global factors went into the development of the 6579-2 model. At the time of development there was a minor economic recession taking place in the United States (the major targeted sales area). Therefore a key concern of the engineers at Bissell dealt with was the affordability of this vacuum. It needed to be cheap enough to be affordable, but also not too expensive so that it would be able to compete with the prices of Bissell’s competitors in an already overcrowded market. Another economical concern that went into the development of the 6579-2 was the concept of interchangeable parts. This allowed for relatively cheap repairs, if they were not covered by warranty already. Globally, the distribution of the 6579-2 was limited to help keep development costs down. This web site provides a complete list of cheap replacement parts for the 6579-2: [1]

\'\'\'Targeted Countries and Regions\'\'\'

The major targeted area for usage of the 6579-2 vacuum was in the United States, but also Canada and parts of Mexico. In Mexico, they started selling the vacuum from their own web page as shown below:[[2]]

\'\'\'Intended Impact on the Consumer and Society\'\'\'

The intended impact of the Bissell 6579-2 vacuum was to be as cheap as possible with as many of the new features in vacuum technology as well. Features that created consumer convenience; such as a bag-less design, as well as, the many hand tool attachments available for other household cleanings that excluded the floors, made this vacuum competitive in the consumer market. The fact that it was easy to maneuver and lightweight for the type of performance it outputted, made it a hidden must have in the crowded vacuum market.

\'\'\'Usage Profile:\'\'\'

The intended use of the Bissell PowerForce Bagless Vacuum Model 6579-2 was to be a multi-surface cleaning tool for the average income household. This vacuums system was developed and improved on the many different terms. It used a cyclonic system technology, which helped to filter out dirt and debris in the waste container before it gets to the air filter; meaning the filter will not need to be cleaned or changed as often.

\'\'\'Energy Profile:\'\'\'

Energy is classified in one form:
  • Electrical energy- When the vacuum receives power from electricity, the motor begins to create suction.

\'\'\'How is Energy Imported into the System\'\'\'

The electrical energy is imported through a copper wired cord that plugs into the wall. Human energy is made through the actions the user performs on the vacuum. In addition, pneumatic energy is crated from the movement of the vacuums mechanical parts.

\'\'\'How are Different Types of Energy Transformed and Modified\'\'\'

Electrical energy is transformed into mechanical and then eventually into pneumatic energy.

\'\'\'Complexity Profile:\'\'\'

This Bissell 6579-2 vacuum cleaner is consisted of 40 parts. But it does not have many mechanical parts. This product is mostly molded plastic with motor, light bulb, and a few electronic components in which regulate the electricity to the motor and light bulb from 110V outer plug. It uses main push type switch to turn on and off the motor.

  • External: The outer casing of Bissell 6579-2 is mostly molded plastic except motor and some electronic components. The outer case can be separated with various parts and assembled by using screws.
  • Internal: The internal parts are the motor, cyclonic blade, electric components, brush, and HEPA filter systems. The electrical energy from the power cord is converted with mechanical energy in the motor. And the belt connect between the motor and the brush, so that the rotational energy from the motor can transfer to the same energy of the brush.

Theses are the component of Bissell 6579-2 model.

Figure 2: Bissell PowerForce Bagless Upright Vacuum 6579-2 Exploded view
\'\'\'1.\'\'\' Handle (B-203-1197)Upper handle assy
\'\'\'2.\'\'\' Cord release (B-203-1198)
\'\'\'3.\'\'\' Cyclone Assembly (B-203-1180)
\'\'\'4.\'\'\' Dirt cup (B-203-1181)
\'\'\'5.\'\'\' Foam filter (B-203-1192)
\'\'\'6.\'\'\' Pleated circular filter (B-203-1183)
\'\'\'7.\'\'\' Filter case (B-203-1182)
\'\'\'8.\'\'\' Filter, Lever power-force bagless (B-203-1215)
\'\'\'9.\'\'\' Lock N’seal lever (B-203-1190)
\'\'\'10.\'\'\' Filter grille (B-203-1191)
\'\'\'11.\'\'\' Filter (B-203-1194)
\'\'\'12.\'\'\' Lens (B-203-1242)
\'\'\'13.\'\'\' Light bulb – 12v (B-203-1297)
\'\'\'14.\'\'\' Wire harness – thermo (B-203-1213)
\'\'\'15.\'\'\' Motor cushion – large (B-203-1218)
\'\'\'16.\'\'\' Motor (B-203-2211)
\'\'\'17.\'\'\' Motor support (B-203-1217)
\'\'\'18.\'\'\' Motor cushion-small (B-203-1107)
\'\'\'19.\'\'\' Cord, power cord (B-203-1067)
\'\'\'20.\'\'\' Switch Button (B-203-1199)
\'\'\'21.\'\'\' Main switch (B-203-1243)
\'\'\'22.\'\'\' Switch cap (B-203-1212)
\'\'\'23.\'\'\' Case drum assembly (B-203-1110)
\'\'\'24.\'\'\' Axle (B-203-2547)
\'\'\'25.\'\'\' Rear wheel (B-203-2037)
\'\'\'26.\'\'\' E-ring (B-203-2548)
\'\'\'27.\'\'\' Neck brush (B-203-1222)
\'\'\'28.\'\'\' Lever Release (B-203-1044)
\'\'\'29.\'\'\' Top cover-midnight blue (B-203-1343)
\'\'\'30.\'\'\' Wheel, front W/carriage (B-203-1015)
\'\'\'31.\'\'\' Height adjustment knob (B-203-1188)
\'\'\'32.\'\'\' Bumper (B-203-1241)
\'\'\'33.\'\'\' Brush (B-203-2032)
\'\'\'34.\'\'\' Bottom plate (B-203-1091)
\'\'\'35.\'\'\' Belt Oem Bissell style 7 (B-32074)
\'\'\'36.\'\'\' Wire reinforced twist and snap vacuum hose (B-203-1216)
\'\'\'37.\'\'\' Extension wand (B-203-1022)
\'\'\'38.\'\'\' Crevice attachment (B-203-1063)
\'\'\'39.\'\'\' Combo tool, Upholstery/dusting brush (B-203-1099)
\'\'\'40.\'\'\' Brush roller (B-203-1016)
\'\'\'Attachments:\'\'\' 37, 38
\'\'\'Belts:\'\'\' 35
\'\'\'Brushes:\'\'\' 33
\'\'\'Covers:\'\'\' 29
\'\'\'Drums:\'\'\' 23
\'\'\'Filters:\'\'\' 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11
\'\'\'Handles:\'\'\' 1
\'\'\'Hardware:\'\'\' Screw for handle assembly
\'\'\'Hoses, Valves, and regulators:\'\'\' 36
\'\'\'Knobs:\'\'\' 31
\'\'\'Lights:\'\'\' 13
\'\'\'Motors and blades:\'\'\' 15, 16, 17, 18
\'\'\'Other parts:\'\'\' 2, 3, 4, 9, 12, 14, 19, 20, 21, 22, 26, 27, 28, 32, 34, 39
\'\'\'Wheels and casters:\'\'\' 24, 25, 30, 40

\'\'\'Complexity of individual components:\'\'\' All the individual comments are not complex at all: the Snap vacuum hose, extension wand, and crevice attachment. They have only one big hole at the end or front that play the connection between the attachments. Many other individual parts are also simple. Therefore, most individual parts are not designed as intricate little pieces.

\'\'\'Complexity between components interactions:\'\'\' Many parts have their own different shapes and sizes. However, when they were put together, it looks like they were meant to fit to each other.

\'\'\'Material Profile:\'\'\'

\'\'\'Visible Materials\'\'\'

The vacuum was made in plastic materials mostly, and on the surface and even the inside of the vacuum consisted of the plastic materials as well. Therefore, we can see plastic materials on the vacuum mostly; with the exception of the metal motor, copper wire, and rubber belt.

\'\'\'Materials that are Not Visible but Present\'\'\'
Electric motor, filter, rotating brush, fan, and exhaust port are invisible because these materials are important parts in the system. They are all connected to each other, so if one of them does not work, all of them won’t work. Also, electricity goes though these materials. It is dangerous for kids if they are on the surface. Therefore, these materials have to be placed inside the cleaner.

\'\'\'User Interaction Profile:\'\'\'

The user interface of this product is not complex but the user must understand specific settings and buttons on the product before starting. There are no complex components that the user needs to deal with, only buttons, switches and cords. The interface itself is somewhat complex, because it has a lot of sub part in it. But users don’t need to worry about those parts, because those are not visible parts. Overall it is a user friendly product; we don’t need to know much information to handle this product effectively.
This bagless upright vacuum cleaner is very easy to assemble and operate the first time. Although the vacuum is hard to push forward at times, it is lightweight about 17 pounds, so it\'s easy to lift and move. The Bissell Power force has plenty of suction power with its 12 A motor. This upright vacuum cleaner is easy to move and light enough to carry up and down the stairs with ease. One main reason for this model is so light is because it’s smaller size than other vacuum cleaners. If we compare the width of its cleaning path to other units then we will find it to be smaller and narrower.
The Bissell Power force has an easy to empty dirt container that may be washed in warm, soapy water. This vacuum cleaner also features a three stage filtration system. First one is a pre-motor filter, which protects the motor from dirt and debris, second one is an inner and outer circular filter which collects fine dust and particles, and final one is a post-motor filter that helps return cleaner air to the room. These filters can be cleaned or replaced as needed. In this vacuum cleaner we can see five height adjustment settings those make it possible to vary the position of the head to clean floors as well as various thicknesses of carpet. A headlight makes it fairly easy to see the path ahead. This is one of the lower priced upright models in the market at the moment. This Bissell Power Force Bagless Upright Vacuum 6579 offers significant value for the money. We have to do some assembly works with a screwdriver to maintain this upright vacuum cleaner.
The Bissell Power force also features on-board tools for cleaning upholstery, autos, stairs and drapes. The stretch hose is very sturdy and easy to use with lots of cleaning suction. An extension wand, crevice tool and combination dusting/upholstery brush are also included with this vacuum cleaner. The only problem that we can find in this vacuum cleaner is that it makes little more noise than other vacuum cleaners when cleaning the floor. The way to make it last for a long time is that after every or almost every vacuuming, we need to wash all of the filters and air dry them and take the area where the belt is apart which there is screws that we have to undo to get to that area. When we take that apart, we have to make sure that there isn\'t hair there. If there is hair around where the belt wheel is, we have to take the hair off it, and then it is good as new when we do that, as everything needs maintenance to last. Overall we can handle this vacuum cleaner very easily and maintenance also very simple.

\'\'\'Product Alternative Profile:\'\'\'

What product alternatives exist? There are already many products in today’s market that can be used instead of the conventional vacuum cleaner for keeping the house floors clean. One such product is the robot cleaner. The robot cleaner can move around at home for 24 hours and is a friendly product for family. There are many advantages to the use of the robot vacuum. First, it can save a time, and no human energy is needed. This is a good thing to people who are lazy or just don’t have time to clean that often. Also, because the vacuum is running almost constantly, the floors stay cleaner. However, there are also some disadvantages to the robot vacuum. It makes a lot of noise, so people do not want to hear the high pitched machine sounds for 24 hours a day. Also, on the carpet the robot does not clean very thoroughly. These two vacuum cleaners have a similar goal to clean up the house, but the way of cleaning up is different for each. The robot is developed from the vacuum cleaner, but the vacuum cleaner still is a better product to clean up a house because it has more power and is more user controllable tool. Also, their cost is really different that new vacuum cost around one hundred dollars, but the robot cleaner cost three times the vacuum cleaner cost.[3]

As a result, both are really nice, but depending on your purpose you need to choose a product.

\'\'\'Table 2:Comparison of other similar products\'\'\'

Alternative Name Features Cost Advantages Disadvantages
\'\'\'HOOVER U5175900 bagless vacuum cleaner\'\'\' It is lightweight around 20.6 pounds

It has an eighteen foot cord
It features auto tool conversion

$79.99 It is lightweight

Easy to use
There are no bags to buy or replace

The brush roller is motorized but does not have an automatic shut off switch
A lack of self propulsion
No brushed edge cleaning
\'\'\'are HOOVER MACH 4 CYCLONIC vacuum cleaner\'\'\' It features a telescoping handle and a "pet hair turbo tool"

It has permanent washable filters

$109.86 It has long lifetime
It has telescoping handle
There are no bags to buy or replace
Too Expensive
\'\'\'BISSELL CLEANVIEW II BAGLESS PLUS vacuum cleaner\'\'\' It has 7 height adjustments

It is a lightweight design product
It has HEPA media filter and dual edge cleaning

$79.99 There are no bags to buy or replace
It is lightweight construction makes it easy to push from room to room or carry upstairs
The Turbo Brush which features a rotating brush that is reliable in picking up hair and it cleans drapes and stairs
This model fairly works very loudly
\'\'\'EUREKA QUICK-UP vacuum cleaner\'\'\' It has a removable handle and motorized revolving brush

It has a removable handle and motorized revolving brush

$ 39.99 There are no bags to buy or replace
It is made for easy usage and is a light weight device
It is perfect for picking up the small pieces and its bristles will blow the hairs away from the carpet
Very cheap, when compare with others
The vacuum is meant for light cleaning purposes and hence you cannot clean whole house with it
Difficult to empty the vacuum
\'\'\'EUREKA MAXIMA 4700A vacuum cleaner\'\'\' It weighs fourteen pounds and has a twenty-five foot long cord

It features a micro-filtration system and no-tip design

$60.54 There are no bags to buy or replace
It is lightweight
Easy to use
Inexpensive vacuum cleaner
Do not show lifetime


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