GATE 3: Coordination Review

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Coordination Review

As a group we have successfully been able to work together and figure out problems that we have ran into. Below we have listed problems that were ran into and how we went about correcting these issues. As a group we feel confident in overcoming all of our obstacles that we run into and know through hard work we can succeed.

Group Issues

Problem More in depth Resolved? Solution Concluding solution
Group Cooperation Sometimes throughout the gate we had troubles seeing eye to eye. Specifically, was how we were going to split the gate up evenly and have everyone turn in their share on time to the appropriate person. Resolved We were able to talk about each part and the time commitment each would require for each group member. We then split up the estimated times evenly so we would each spend about the same time on each of our parts. Group 23 was able to turn in all their parts of gate three on time and with satisfaction from every group member.
Finishing work in allotted time As a group it was hard for everyone to be able to meet up together and work as a group. There was a two week period where engineers were hit with exam after exam. Unresolved We still struggled to get the work done, but with hard work it was able to be accomplished with long hours put into finishing the gate. The group is still trying to find the best resolution for this issue.
Figuring out important/unimportant parts of the engine The complexity of the engine made it hard for our group to decide what to include and what not to include in the gate. Resolved Only include the important parts of the engine We took the most important parts apart and included those in our summary
Documenting/taking pictures While disassembling the engine we found that it was hard to take apart and then document what all we took apart. The massive amounts of parts that went with just one subsystem made it hard to keep and the parts and subsystems separated. Resolved We needed to work as a group and document each part carefully and thoroughly We worked through it and made it work.