GATE 2: Preliminary Project Review

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Project Management: Preliminary Project Review

Cause for Corrective Action

\'\'\'Assessment of Work and Management Plans\'\'\'

\'\'Work Proposal\'\'

The plan worked in the sense that started with "the top of the engine" and end with the "bottom end." The plan was not detailed enough, mainly due to the fact that all of us have very little experience working on engines. We depended on other the other group to start of the disassembly of the engine into different subsystems. For the disassembly of certain subsystems, however, we were on our own in dissecting the engine and did fairly well. We already gained an immense amount of knowledge of engines during this gate. The big potential challenge, though, would be to see if we are able to reassemble the product to running conditions.

\'\'Management Proposal\'\'

Meetings were attended on a constant basis by most, if not all, members. All members kept to their tasks, and performed them with satisfaction. Those of us that had very little experience with engines gained much knowledge. With these positive notes, a big problem was time management. The timeline was not kept to accordingly and the dissection was done much later than expected. Also the actual written depositions were finished with very little time until the deadline. This problem needs to be addressed by keeping stricter deadlines and a check system where each member checks each other member that they are on top of their tasks and working on them so they can be handed in on time.

- Overall the work and management plans were a success, with the assignment handed in on time and that appears to be done correctly. A few problems to fix for the future deadlines and the group will function admirably.