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Causes for corrective action

Overall, all of our goals were accomplished in good time. Individually, all of our members were able to contribute constructively and in a timely manner. Since the dissection required coordination with the other team (Group 18), we agreed on a Wednesday meeting time and was able to complete the dissection by the 26th. Problems arose as several members were ill but we were able to keep in contact and complete the dissection. Regrettably, we were not present for the last dissection session that took place on Monday however the steps have been included in our report nonetheless.

Difficulty Key to Disassembly Process

Difficulty of the described step is expressed on a scale of 5 and can be expressed as:

  • Level 1
  • Requires small and/or simple tools (e.g. Screwdriver, Socket Wrench).
  • Requires minimal use of force.
  • Removed parts are small with few fasteners (e.g. Bolts).
  • Requires no more than one person to complete.

  • Level 2
  • Requires small and/or simple tools.
  • Requires minimal use of force.
  • Removed parts are small or delicate usually with a numbers of fasteners.
  • Requires one person but also close attention.

  • Level 3
  • May require slightly larger tools (e.g. Hammer/Mallet).
  • May require use of light force.
  • Removed parts may be complex but large and need attention to prevent damage.
  • Significant number of fasteners that require attention.
  • May require 2 individuals working side by side.

  • Level 4
  • Requires use of larger and possibly specialized tools (e.g. Valve Spring Compressors).
  • Requires considerable use of force.
  • Parts removed are numerous and/or large and heavy making them difficult to move and store.
  • Requires 2 or 3 individuals working simultaneously.

  • Level 5
  • Requires largest and specialized tools that require the use of force (e.g. Pulley Puller).
  • Requires most use of force (possibly involving more than one individual).
  • Removed parts are very large, with numerous fasteners and/or delicate parts.
  • Removed parts are heavy and hard to move.
  • Requires 3 people working simultaneously to complete the task or tasks.

Product Dissection Table

Step No Instructions Difficulty Components Removed Picture
1 Remove throttle body bolts.

Remove throttle body.

Level 1 Throttle Body Bolts Throttle Body (1x)
2 Remove upper intake manifold bolts.

Remove upper intake manifold.

Level 1 Upper Intake Manifold Bolts Upper Intake Manifold (1x)
3 Remove MAF sensor bolts.

Remove MAF sensor.

Level 2 MAF Sensor Bolts

MAF Sensor (1x)

4 Remove distributor bolts.

Remove distributor.

Level 2 Distributor Bolts

Distributor (1x)

5 Remove intake manifold bolts.

Remove intake manifold.

Level 3 Intake Manifold Bolts

Intake Manifold(1x)

6 Remove valve cover bolts.

Remove valve cover.

Level 2 Valve Cover Bolts

Valve Cover (1x)

7 Remove exhaust manifold bolts.

Remove exhaust manifold.

Level 2 Exhaust Manifold Bolts

Exhaust Manifold (2x)

8 Remove cylinder head bolts.

Remove cylinder heads (x2).

Steps for Cylinder Head Disassembly: Remove rocker arm bolts,

Remove rocker arms (x12)

Remove pushrods (x12)

Compress valve springs with spring compressor and remove retainers (x12).

Release spring compressor and remove springs (x12) and valves (x12).

Level 3 Cylinder Head bolts

Cylinder Heads (2x).

Rocker Arm Bolts.

Rocker Arms (12x).

Pushrods (12x).

Retainers (12x).

Springs (12x).

Valves (12x).

9 Remove lifter cover bolts

Remove lifter covers (x2)

Level 1 Lifter Cover Bolts

Lifter Covers (2x)

10 Remove lifters (x12) Level 1 Lifters (12x)
11 Remove water pump bolts.

Remove water pump.

Level 3 Water Pump Bolts

Water Pump (1x)

12 Remove oil pan bolts,

Remove oil pan

Level 1 Oil Pan Bolts

Oil Pan (1x)

13 Remove oil transfer bolts.

Remove oil transfer.

Level 2 Oil Transfer Bolts

Oil Transfer (1x)

14 Remove oil pickup/pump bolts,

Remove oil pickup/pump.

(the pickup and pump are a single assembly)

Level 3 Oil Pickup Bolts

Oil Pickup and Pump Assembly (1x)

15 Remove connecting rod nuts from connecting rod bolts.

Remove back of connecting rod (x6).

Remove piston (x6).

Remove piston rings from piston (x12).

Level 4 Connecting rod nuts and bolts.

Connecting Rod Backings (6x).

Pistons (6x).

Piston Rings (12x).

16 Remove outer crank pulley bolts.

Remove outer crank pulley.

Remove crank pulley with a pulley puller tool.

Remove timing cover bolts.

Remove timing cover.

Remove timing gear bolts.

Remove timing gear and timing chain.

Remove camshaft cover bolts.

Remove camshaft.

Remove crank retainer bolts.

Remove crank retainers (x4).

Remove crank.

Level 5 Crank Pulley Bolts

Outer Crank Pulley (1x).

Timing Cover Bolts.

Timing Cover (1x).

Timing Gear bolts.

Timing Gear (1x).

Timing Belt (1x).

Camshaft Cover Bolts.

Camshaft (1x).

Crank Retainer Bolts.

Crank Retainers (4x).

Crankshaft (1x).