GATE 1: Product Management

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Work Proposal

Tools: Markers, wrenches, ratchet and socket set, pliers, screwdrivers, plastic bags, camera

Disassembling: First, an open area will be provided. Markers will be used for every taken component of the engine and the components will be numbered. Every taken screw will be put in the small bags. We will be working jointly with team 13 on the dis-assembly of our product and will further decide responsibilities upon the physical start of the dissection

The engine will be disassembled in order of:

1) Top end of the engine

2) Front of the engine

3) Bottom end

Assembling: After disassembling all the components, we will reassembled the engine in reverse order. We will reassemble the engine using the numbered parts as a guide making it easier for us.


Below is a Gantt Chart that shows when the deadlines are. It gives the group a time period of when each part of the project will be worked on.


Management Proposal

Group Meetings

Group 23 will meet at least one to two times a week. Each meeting will occur after class on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 5 p.m. in Capen Library and will last roughly one hour. Meetings will include what needs to be done for the current gate, when the deadline is, and how we plan on completing each task, including on how each task is separated for each group member.

Group Members

• Project Manager: Brandon Nowak

“Overseer,” divides responsibilities, compiles information from all group members to give to administrative writer, responsible to check in with all group members and oversee all progress, assumes all roles at different times.

• Communication Liaison: Vincent Reina

Sends alerts via email to all members, reports to Professor Cormier and Project Manager, holds records and provides copies to all group members, keeps group on track (“time keeper”), receives work after the chief editor for final “tweaks.”

• Chief Editor: Bruce Smith

Edits all deliverables written by Administrative Writer, reorganizes compiled information, makes deliverables presentable and professional, sends to Communication Liaison for final “tweaks” and record keeping.

• Administrative Writer: Eric Lewis

Does all technical writing; converts data into well written, professional word documents, tables, and diagrams to be turned over to Chief Editor; compiles Wiki Account. • Mechanical Expert: Birhan Karayel

Responsible for disassembly and reassembly of engine; knows parts of engine, their function, and how they interact with each other; creates data tables, diagrams, graphs that are analyzed and further developed by Administrative Writer

Group Capabilites and Shortcomings


Group Conflicts

If one members of the group has a conflict pertaining to the project, these conflict(s) should be brought up directly to the project manager. If the project manager can find the solution to the problem with no resistance from the other group members, the problem will be solved. If said conflict(s) extend beyond the abilities of the project manager, the conflict(s) will be addressed to the group as a whole via email, text message, or in-person meeting. The group will then converse and reach a solution that is understood and agreed upon by all group members. If a solution cannot be reached, further assistance will be sought out (i.e. Professor Cormier, an engineering mentor, etc.)