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Electric Bicycle Boom

Electric bicycles are economically, and environmentally one of the greenest vehicles on the road today. Boom of electric bicycle started out in china in 1990's and today there are over 120 million of electrical bicycles on the road. There very movement started a boom of electric bicycles around the world. In society people desire things when they see that someone else has it. That very same theory was taken in effect for the electric bicycles. Today countries such as Netherland, Germany, Italy, France, India, and lastly United States have started using electric bicycles. Today in United States many people are starting to use electric bicycle versus the regular bicycle due to better milage and less effort for longer distance. Electric bicycle have impacted heavily on the society.

By: Shreyank Patel

resource: http://www.triplepundit.com/2010/02/bikes-go-on-the-juice/

Electric Bikes in Urban Areas

With the worlds population growing and urban areas becoming more and more populated, electric bikes provide a much needed solution to overcrowded streets and insufficient parking spaces. The article Electric Bikes are China’s Real Electric Vehicle Story by Gabe Collins and Andrew Erickson in the China Sign Post discusses the electric bikes are more convenient in a city. Commuters who drive there cars take public transportation in the city often end up sitting in traffic for long periods of time. However, the electric bikes provide the speed, small size, and maneuverability that allows them to easily bypass traffic. According to Dr. Christopher Cherry, cars use approximately 28 square meters of space to park. However, an electric bike only takes up 2 square meters. Not only do electric bikes use less space, but they can also be taken into offices and buildings to store or charge.


Hertz Unveils Ultra Motor Electric Bicycles to London

Hertz Car Rental of London has announced that it will now offer electric bicycles for the general public to rent. This makes them the first major car rental company to do so. Hertz will offer two models: the Fast4ward Edge and the A2B Hybrid 24 (seen below). The top speeds reach around 15.5 mph, with the Fast4ward Edge assisting up to 25 miles, and the A2B Hybrid assisting up to 40 miles. This dealer will have twelve bikes available to rent, and will include training (if needed), a lock, helmet, and charger with every rental. This step provides a viable form of alternative transportation to cars for both citizens of London and tourists looking to explore the area. Both models can also be parked in bike racks, which avoids the hassle of finding a parking space and paying premium fees. These electric bikes also allow the rider to assist the motor by pedaling. This alternative form of transportation is particularly appealing to tourists looking for a way of enjoying the sites and sounds of London.

Fast4ward Edge.jpg

Fast4ward Edge

A2V Hybrid 24.jpg

A2B Hybrid 24

Hertz Unveils Ultra Motor Electric Bicycles to London

Graham Ginder

Bicycles and the Daily Commute

Many people commute to work on bicycles, especially in urban areas. The commute distanceis determined by how fast the rider is and how difficult the commute is. Electric bikes are projected to increase the possible commute distance. A Dutch study shows that the average commute distance on a traditional bike is 6.3 kilometers. On an electric bike, this average commute distance increases to 9.8 kilometers. The study also showed that bicycles are used for over half of all trips up to 4 kilometres. It is also projected that over half of commuters would ride a bike up to 6 killometers if they had an electric bike. This equates to a 4-9% increase in bike riders as electric bikes become better and more popular. The final result is a reduction in traffic congestion as well as carbon emissions. This small change in percent, however, is not very significant. There needs to be a much stronger shift in order to have a lasting impact. [1]

Team John, Mitch, Luke

Electric bicycles use in China

These days, China has become the country that people use most electric bicycles as transportation around the world. Chinese use more electric bicycles because the cost of them is low and they are very convenient in cities crowded with people. As more and more people favor e-bikes, they have risen in popularity significantly over the past 5 years. As the rapid growth of technology, electric bikes have more benefits for people such as the increased mobility and accessibility due to their increased speed and range. Also importantly, they displace car trips and improve the safety of transportation system in many Chinese cities. Although electric bicycles have several problems just like the pollution of acid battery, they still provide large benefits for the society and they will continue to be a sustainable transportation in the future. For further information: [[2]]


On the Streets of China, Electric Bikes are Swarming

In the ever changing society that is China, transportation has seen a tremendous shift with the increasing trend in electric bike usage. Electric bikes currently out number automobiles by a factor of four and the market continues to grow. This impressive growth has brought on several government regulations including limiting the max speed to 12 mph. The government actually made developing e-bikes an official technology goal in 1991. Extensive bike lanes and high licensing fees for gas powered scooters have also pushed consumers towards electric bikes. In a society where not everyone can afford a car and cheap transportation is a necessity, the electric bike has found a perfect position.


Ian Morrow

Drawbacks of The Electric Bicycles

Nowadays, the number of consumers of electric bike is gradually growing. Mostly the electric bikes are being used in urban areas. Although they are faster and simpler than usual bicycles, there some downsides of it too. Firstly, people by using electric bicycles are consuming more energy that leads to extra bills and producing more energy. Secondly, the actual function of the bicycle is that to move from one place to another faster than walking, and simultaneously doing physical activity (work out). Finally, electric bikes are much faster according to usual bikes that are on the streets, and it is dangerous to ride on 20-30km/h along the streets in big cities.

Nurlan Beimbetov

Electronic Bikes Deprive students of exercise

Electric bikes are starting to become more and more popular these days. Students across the nation are starting to use them to get to class on big campuses. The Daily Wildcat, a paper at the University of Arizona is showing the effects of those bikes on students. The two outlined by the article are cash, and exercise. As for the cash aspects, electronic bikes cost about $2000 dollars more. This is a lot to any college student as books and tuition payments start to rise. The next large impact to society that the article points out is the amount of exercise that students get. With the hectic schedule that most students have, going to the gym can be tough. Through surveys it shows that most students would rather have a manual bike just for the exercise reason. What the Daily Wildcat is doing shows that students are looking for exercise as well as money in their pocket.

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