Design Revisions for Group 26

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Design Revisions

  • A design revision that could prove to be useful is adding an electrical starter. A pull starter demands much more physical activity out of its users that could lead to fatigue and muscle strain. Users that are not physically fit may not be able to start the motor at all. The amount of activity needed is also dependent on the conditions of the motor - the less maintained the motor is, the more effort is needed to start the engine. The temperature of the unit is also a factor - the colder it is, the longer it will take to for the engine to start. The electrical starter would allow users to start the engine without much hassle, and keeping the pull starter on the engine would give users an additional way to start it in case the electrical starter fails.
Using this revision would increase the cost of the pressure washer; it would, however, improve the usability of the product.
  • Another design revision that would be useful is encasing the the engine in a hard plastic similar to a car engine. Since the pressure washer deals primarily with water and chemicals, rust is constantly a problem. Encasing the engine in plastic would prevent water from entering the engine, prolonging the life of the product.
Using this revision would increase the cost of the pressure washer slightly; since it would prevent rust from forming in the engine, its reliability would improve and its maintenance would decrease.
  • A third revision that would be beneficial to its users would be a self-propulsion system. The product is heavy, making it unwieldy for many to move around efficiently. Using a self-propulsion system would allow users to move the washer easily and effortlessly.
Using this revision would increase the cost of the product; its usability would increase greatly, as would its functionality.