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Recommend at least 3 design changes for the product at the component level, including features you would change or eliminate and components you would combine or eliminate. These changes should improve the product by reducing its cost/weight/maintenance or enhancing its functionality/ergonomics/reliability. Keep in mind the products target audience and price point when making changes. Publish these results to your group’s wiki.

  1. Change the design of the outer shell - Since the sander will be pushed in a horizontal direction to the surface, the outer shell should be at an angle instead of going straight down on the plane. It would make it easier to maneuver and it would be more comfortable for long term use. It is the same reason that when a person is using a saw they hold it at a 45 degree angle when the direction of the cut is going straight down. It makes it easier and more comfortable to cut.
  2. Change the location of the on/off switch on battery powered sander - When holding the battery powered sander the user’s thumb sometimes rubs up against on/off switch causing the sander to turn off during use. The switch can be placed an inch lower than where it is right now so it is still easy to access, but out of the way enough so it won’t accidentally get hit.
  3. A longer cord for the AC sander - The cord that comes with the sander is about 9 feet long. If using this sander for large projects often times there are large pieces of wood. This can become a problem and extension cords would be needed. A 15 foot cord would be long enough because there are not many pieces of wood that are longer than that, and it would leave room for an outlet that is far away.