D (file format)

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Extension: D

Program and/or Extension Function: GBG DraftMaker Drawing File

Company: think3, Inc.

Specific Notes: Initial contents are for version 6. GBG Draftmaker was a leading CAD system in Italy in the 1980s. In 1984 Candy bought the program. The program was eventually taken over by think3 and eventually discontinued around 2003.

File Classification: CAD/CAM

Identifying Characters: Hex: 7D 20 39 47 42 47 2D 56 7B 36 2E 7B 30 7B 30 3B 47 42 4C 49 42 2D 56 7B 36 2E 7B 30 7B, ASCII: }.9GBG-V{6.{0{0;GBLIB-V{6.{0{

Program ID: (None or Unknown)

General Notes: (None)