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Our complexity scale was created to compare the complexity of the parts which are located within our Snow Blower. This was created with the Eight Parts we used in our parts analysis in mind making it easier to compare and contrast there dimensions of complexity.

\'\'\'Complexity Scale\'\'\'

\'\'\'#\'\'\' \'\'\'Part Complexity\'\'\' \'\'\'Interaction Complexity\'\'\'
1 Simple component containing only one or two basic geometric shapes with uniform quality of material throughout the component. (Same surface finish, type of material, etc.) Component is responsible for only one function. Minimal mass flow or energy transfer involved in that function if any.
2 Moderately complex component containing multiple geometric shapes. May contain some detailed features in its shape. May contain more than one material and/or type of surface finish. Component is responsible for several functions in which some form of mass or energy transfer occurs.
3 Very complex component consisting of a variety of different shapes. Contains many intricate and detailed features. May consist of a variety of materials and different surface finishes throughout the component. Component is responsible for many functions in which multiple instances and combinations of mass and energy transfer occur.