Causes of Corrective Action

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The initial management plan that our group had established has shown to be working very well. We have not stayed perfectly on schedule, but that was expected. The first week of Gate 2 was a very tough week with many academic tests for almost all group members, so we decided to just meet for a longer period of time the following week. Also, some of our meetings were shorter than expected because we realized it would be a better idea to split up and take on different parts of the assignment. For example, we all expected to complete gate two as a group, but as we examined it in detail, we decided to split up the work after the dissection. One person was in charge of completing the causes for corrective action, one was to take care of the wiki, one to write the analysis, and the other two members to take care of writing up the dissection plans.

The initial management proposal stated, “We came to the conclusion that Monday would be the best day to meet because we all have class from 4:00PM to 5:00PM. Since we only have sanders and minimal tools, we decided that our meetings will be held at Capen Hall because there are plenty of resources and we don’t have to waste time on traveling.” This has held up to be an efficient plan. This plan has worked because it is flexible. With group members working and having tests, we knew that flexibility would be key. Since we do all have class together, it at least gave us 15 minutes to collaborate as a group and keep on track. It also allowed us to make decisions on assigning work, and discuss how far everyone is on their part. Our group has only faced one challenge thus far. The challenge was that the sanders were very simple and we had to figure out a way to go into much more detail. We solved this problem by going to office hours to talk about ways to analyze our two sanders. We then met to discuss in detail how we would analyze our project and assigned it to one of our group members.