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The main purpose of this mechatronic device is to entertain young children. It achieves this goal by dancing to one of two available songs. Once activated via one of the buttons on either foot, the toy speaks to the user and plays a song. Simultaneously, the torso sways back and forth, the head appears to rock opposite the torso, the arms rotate, and the hands rotate separately from the arms.


  • Must entertain young children
  • Must have simple operation for use by young children
  • Must have durability to withstand abuse by young children
  • Must have smooth operation to simulate life-like motions
  • Should use fewest possible motors to reduce cost and complexity



Human Machine Interface:

  • Momentary push buttons on feet activated by user initiate sound and motion


Interactions with World/Sensing:

  • Momentary push buttons also fall into this category
  • Internal rotary contact switch acts as sensor to indicate rotational arm position



  • Torso rocks side-to-side
  • Head rocks opposite torso
  • Arms rotate about upper-arm
  • Hands rotate about forearms

Power Supply/Actuation:

  • One motor located near the pelvic area performs all functions

Power Conversion:

  • One gear train operates torso movement


  • One gear train operates arm movement


  • Belt-drive system connects motor to gear trains and helps avoid 'frying' motor

Motion Conversion:

  • Scotch-Yoke mechanism utilized to create repetition in swaying torso


  • Scotch-Yoke used to operate rotating hands
  • Bevel gears used in arms to convert motion at 90-degree elbows


  • Songs and dancing motions saved internally
  • Different song played depending on which button is activated
  • Different portions of a song played upon each activation by the user
  • Song plays in correct sequence upon each activation
  • Dancing movements correspond with song
  • Arm position sensor ensures proper location of arms for each step