Air Chamber 1

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\'\'\'Component Summary\'\'\'

  • \'\'\'Component Name:\'\'\' Air Chamber 1
  • \'\'\'Quantity:\'\'\' 1
  • \'\'\'Material:\'\'\' Plastic
  • \'\'\'Manufacturing Process:\'\'\' Injection Molding
  • \'\'\'Part Number:\'\'\' B2
  • \'\'\'Function:\'\'\' Holds the foam dart when the cocking bolt is pulled back and aids in the direction of the bundle of kinetic energy. It also acts as half of the air chamber.
  • \'\'\'Observations:\'\'\'
    • Aesthetic: Orange
    • Connection to Major Component: Base
    • Notes: Fully analyzed in Component Analysis
  • \'\'\'Picture:\'\'\'


*Gate 3: Product Analysis